How to Set Up Autopay With Your Discover Credit Card

When using credit cards to pay bills on an ongoing basis, setting up an automatic monthly payment with DirectPay can ensure your bill gets paid on time and on budget. Autopay provides an effective way of making sure you make the minimum monthly payment on time as well as helping prevent late fee charges on unpaid balances.

To set up automatic payments with your Discover credit card, log in and select “Make a Payment” or “Payments” from the main account screen. Clicking on the labeled “Automatic Payments” button and following its prompts to create either an online credit card payment or phone credit card payment recurring monthly – alternatively contact Discover customer service to arrange having it automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Discover will report automatic payments made online or over the phone as received on the same day, provided they arrive before midnight Eastern Time six days a week. Credit card payments made through mail received over weekends or holidays will be credited on their respective next business days.

Discover will automatically populate all recurring online credit card payments into its Recurring Charges dashboard, making it easier for you to view them all on your card statement. However, you should periodically review these transaction details to make sure that neither the merchant has changed or cancelled their service or that your payment schedule has been altered inadvertently.

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