Florida Lottery Announces New Gold Rush Scratch-Off Game

when did gold rush game from florida lottery start

Florida Lottery players stand the chance of winning millions with just one scratch-off ticket! There are currently nine $5 Million Gold Rush Limited tickets and 26 $1 Million prizes still up for grabs across the state, plus numerous smaller prizes from $20-100,000. Additionally, Gold Rush features an added bonus play feature which gives players another chance at claiming top prizes.

To claim their prize, prizewinners must present to the Florida Lottery an original valid GOLD RUSH SUPREME Scratch-Off ticket bearing their winning entry number and complete either DOL 173-2 (revised 9/13) or Spanish Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2S (revised 9/13). Once completed, these forms should be submitted within ten (10) days from when their entry was drawn.

Collin Reed from Maryland recently won a $1 Million Prize in Gold Rush Doubler scratch-off game, purchased his ticket from Publix located at 7101 Radio Road in Naples and earned himself a bonus commission of $2,000 for selling such an excellent ticket to him. Collin chose to receive his prize as one-time lump sum payment instead.

At the start of 2018, the Florida Lottery unveiled an upgraded design for their GOLD RUSH games and increased top prizes, making them more appealing than ever for lottery customers. Gold Rush games remain among the most popular offerings from Florida Lottery with 16% share in Scratch-Off sales and includes four FOGs at various price points as well as the $30 BILLION DOLLAR GOLD RUSH SUPREME game.

Gold Rush FOGs feature an increasingly more appealing top prize that increases with instant ticket sales, making the games even more engaging to players. Furthermore, these FOGs come in various sizes and formats that maximize advertising efficiencies.

The Gold Rush Supreme Bonus Play promotion runs from November 30, 2022 until November 30, 2023 and offers the top prize of $10 Million with an odds of winning of 1 in 2,362,500! There will also be 32 top prizes of $5 Million and 100 prizes of $1 Million awarded, along with over 33,000 smaller prizes of $1,000-$100,000. Tickets cost $20 each and residents in all US territories except where prohibited by law can enter; 30% federal income tax withholding will be withheld from nonresident alien prizes awarded; any additional federal, state or local taxes due are their responsibility as prizewinners.

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