Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care For Elderly People?

Medicare is a federal program providing health care to seniors. It is divided into different parts, each offering different services; home health care is included under Medicare Part B which offers medical assistance in the home, along with some durable medical equipment like wheelchairs or walkers that cost up to 80% of what Medicare approves for. Medicare Part B also covers emotional support services related to illness or injury and helping find community resources; in addition, home health care pays for medical supplies like wound dressings and catheters.

Medicare requires a medical need in order for someone to qualify for home health care under this program, with certification from either their doctor, nurse practitioner, or another health care professional who works closely with your physician, such as a nurse practitioner, stating you require intermittent home health aide services, medical social work services, physical or occupational therapy or other forms of therapy for your specific condition. You must also have a plan of care which the doctor creates and regularly reviews which outlines which type of care will be provided and when; home health aides provided and what results they anticipate seeing over time – certification must occur every 60 days for continued eligibility.

Medicare requires home health agencies that accept assignment of the Medicare-approved fee schedule to be certified as Medicare home health agencies and to inform you if any items or services aren’t covered, along with how much you owe for them; Medicare requires both oral and written communication of this information from these home health agencies.

Medicare limits home health services to an eight hour daily and 28 hour weekly maximum limit, depending on when they were provided and certified as necessary by your physician and home health team. Once certified, however, you’ll continue receiving Medicare-covered home health services so long as your physician considers them necessary.

Seniors typically find it impractical to rely on Medicare alone for home health care needs; however, private insurance plans and Medicaid can assist if eligible. One such benefit offered by AARP for its members is discounted home healthcare services; to learn more about this and other discounts related to home care services offered by AARP membership costs only $12 annually! AARP membership gives members access to member-exclusive products and discounts, free second membership registration, subscription to AARP The Magazine subscription and automatic renewal options!

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