When Was the Big Spin Lottery Game Issued?

When was the big spin lottery game released?

Big Spin lottery scratch-off has just released their new version with the chance to win up to $300,000 instantly or reach the Big Spin Event to spin for even greater prizes!

Dennis Bell of Filer, Idaho made one of the biggest wins on The Big Spin with an initial spin win worth $90,000. According to Idaho Lottery Commission records, Bell’s victory was one of its largest ever.

He won his prize by completing the bonus game on his ticket. Players select pins of various colors that correspond with numbers on a wheel; each pin brings in different amounts. Ultimately, those with the highest total win get the grand prize!

Big Spin has been running for thirteen years and has brought us many memorable experiences. Its creators say the wheel is truly one-of-a-kind; using colors inspired by Idaho. Additionally, special care was taken in creating as large and eye-catching a design as possible.

Winners not only win cash prizes, but they also have the chance to spin the wheel on MLive every Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET; check their website for updates regarding upcoming shows!

At first, the show was called “Big Spin.” However, in 2000 it became known as “The Big Wheel,” with some changes to game format: instead of revealing their signs or showing their cards at once, players selected bins containing gold dust (originally) or nuggets; those who selected one that contained either 10 ounces/nuggets without exceeding won a spin of the big wheel.

Players gathered around a circular maze, while an adorable motorized ball (dubbed Scooter) was placed into its center. Scooter would wander around until it ended up landing in one of their respective troughs – this player then won their spin!

Those who won the spin had an opportunity to compete against nine other players in a final round, similar to previous rounds but with certain rules modified accordingly. If successful in reaching the end, their prize could reach as much as $1 Million with second place receiving smaller prizes while all remaining players took home $1,500 – it was an unforgettable ending to The Big Spin Lottery Game launch!

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